Technology is evolving faster than ever, which causes the use of technology to change as well. The past year has allowed professionals to see that their role in the technology industry may not play as big a part as it has before. Staying up to date with new technology trends involves keeping your eye on the future. Let’s take a look at technology trends that will make their mark in 2021.


Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become very popular during the past few years, but it continues to grow as it plays a role in how we live and work. AI is known for its image and speech recognition, mobile assistants, navigation apps, and so much more. In the near future, expect AI to help companies track customer trends to create personalized experiences.


Quantum computing

This trend is a form of computing where the superposition and quantum entanglement is taken advantage of. Believe it or not, this technology has played a significant role in preventing coronavirus and developing vaccines. Quantum computing makes it easier for professionals to analyze data and act on it in a timely manner.


Virtual and augmented reality

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are similar but different technology trends to look out for. VR focuses on an environment where AR, on the other hand, enhances that environment. As of right now, both of these technologies are used in the gaming world but have been shifting gears. The U.S. Navy, Amry, and Coast guards have been using VR for training sessions created with simulation software. Keep an eye out for what this technology has to offer for everyone in the future. 



You may remember when 3G and 4G technologies came about to allow people to browse the internet and use data-driven services at any given time, well now there’s 5G. This technology is expected to take a big step by enabling technologies like VR and gaming devices. It will play a significant role in HD cameras to help improve traffic and safety management and smart grid control. About every telecom company has begun to create 5G applications that will slowly be revealed throughout 2021. There will be over 50 operators offering services in just about 30 countries by the end of the year.