Statistics show that almost 80% of employers would like to increase their employee’s engagement. In fact, surveys have shown that only 30% of employees feel engaged in their job. Lack of engagement can be caused by many different circumstances, including distrust with management and little to no motivation from leaders. However, there are always ways to help increase employee engagement if it is your goal to do so. One of the newer methods that have proven beneficial is by using technology. Below, we will look at different ways to use technology for employee engagement, as featured in an article on Shift Elearning.


Encourage employees to adapt to a collaborative work environment

Work is much better for everyone when flexibility is involved, and in today’s recent days, flexible work has become increasingly possible. Covid19 caused many employees to be either let go or made to work from home to ensure safety and social distancing. Studies have shown that many workers value virtual and remote working, which has been beneficial for their personal lives. We never know what anyone is going through with childcare, car or commuting issues, and other hardships that might hold them back from getting to and from work every day. Virtual work has increased productivity and satisfaction in employees. In addition, needing to be in constant communication online helps to keep employees engaged and efficient.


Motivate employees with gamification

Gamification is a fun way for employees to keep up with their day-to-day activities and training. Many people possess a strong desire for healthy competition, and gamification allows for just that. In addition, employees being involved in different games helps them become more engaged and even more deeply connected with their coworkers, enhancing teamwork and mutual trust. As a result, specific gamification portals have seen groundbreaking increases in employee engagement and use, especially among millennial workers. 


Allow personal electronic tools at the workplace

According to the Cisco Connected Tech Report, most professionals use two to three technology devices in their lives. Along with this, 60% of those people said they would prefer to use a technology device other than laptops to complete their work and personal activities. Lastly, 70% of HR employees noted that they believe Gen Y employees perform more efficiently and quicker if they can use their mobile devices rather than laptops and computers. With millennials being the largest group in the workforce, it will become increasingly important to adapt to their work styles to reduce turnover and find employees.