Technology is now part of us, and it’s something that can’t be undone. Technology is not just about computers anymore, but also includes your car, clothes, shoes- you name it. We will cover how technology impacts everyday life in positive ways.

Everyday Communication

We all know that texting is a big part of everyday life. People use technology for nearly everything- to communicate with friends, family, and even strangers. While many still use phone calls to communicate, they are becoming less popular as people learn how convenient and easy text messaging is. People can send texts in literally seconds! People can even text from their phones to computers if they wanted. But that’s not the only way we use technology in our everyday communication.

Online Dating

Technology helps connect you with people who share your interests and values. You can browse profiles and chat with people for free before committing to a date. Online dating websites also provide information about potential partners that you would not necessarily find in your everyday life, including their “hidden” interests and personality traits (HowStuffWorks).

Banking and Finance

Technology has greatly improved banking. Banks are creating new ways for you to do everything with the click of a button. With your bank card, you can withdraw money from any ATM around town or order quick cash from a bank teller. Many banks even have online apps to check account balances and make deposits right from your phone. You can also transfer funds through online banking, and some banks aren’t even using paper checks anymore. Paperless banking is an easy way to use your money online. No fees, no extra trips to the bank, just convenience.


Technology has made a huge impact on education worldwide. There are more students on Facebook than there are students in the United States (Burger). Education has also become interactive, and students can do many of their class assignments online. This makes learning easier for them because they don’t have to be in the classroom all the time. People worldwide can learn from afar by clicking on a web address or getting an app on their phone! Many people are even taking online classes to get college degrees. Technology has made education more practical and convenient.


Technology also plays a role in transportation, especially our cars! Cars are now computerized and contain many electronics that make them safer and easier to drive. For example, cars used to have carburetors, but now most cars have electronic fuel injection (To understand your car). Cars are also getting smarter. Some new cars can detect changes in the road and adjust your seatbelt accordingly. That is just a small example of how technology improves our transportation. While it’s still unclear whether or not technology will take over transportation, we know that it will continue to improve it.