Luis Valentino


CAO of Portland Public Schools

Luis R. Valentino lives and works in Portland, Oregon as the Chief Academic Officer of Portland Public Schools. Prior to that, Valentino worked as the Director of School Services for the Los Angeles Unified School District. From 2012 to 2015, Luis Valentino was Associate Superintendent of Curriculum/Chief Academic Officer for San Francisco Unified School District. Next, Valentino went on to become superintendent of Albuquerque Public Schools. From there, Valentino took a role as Education Consultant, Producer, and Publisher for Valgar Institute in Albuquerque, NM.

As the Chief Academic Officer of Portland Public Schools, Luis Valentino works hard to reach each and every student, teacher, staff member, and parent. He is committed to continual growth in his schools and the community they serve. His determination and drive help him to achieve these lofty goals.

Luis Valentino is a goal-driven educator.  He has been the driving force behind advancement in every district in which he was worked. How does Valentino achieve this? He thoroughly researches the needs of the students, residents, faculty, and the local community before diving into anything. Couple that with his highly recognized professional expertise in leadership and curriculum development, Luis Valentino is one of a kind.

Valentino sees himself as a motivational leader who possesses the necessary skills to build, grow and maintain strong academic programs. He notes that these programs must be based on successful leadership, broad interdisciplinary background, and team participation.

Luis Valentino has expertise in the following areas: strategic planning, human capital management, leadership development, grants, and fundraising, budget management, communication strategies, publishing, networking, and partnerships.

On top of all that, Luis is bilingual in Spanish and English. He is a true asset to any team. Luis Valentino is completed his CAEL, Certificate of Education Leadership, with Harvard University in June 2020. He also holds degrees in Instructional Technology, Education Administration, Communications and General Studies.

He has credentials in Clear Administrative Services, Professional Clear Multiple Subject Teaching Credential and Specialist Instruction Credential in Spanish Bilingual Cross-Cultural Education.

When asked what his philosophy is, Luis Valentino said the following: “the thing that inspires me most is when I can be of service through action and inspiration. I like having an impact. More importantly, I feel most accomplished when I am able to empower others to act and inspire.”

Luis Valentino is committed to lifelong learning. He frequently blogs about education and general professional topics on his blogs.To read more educational and professional insights from Valentino, check out his other websites: and